Mining Wownero

(Solo-mining only)

Ever since Pool-independence day, Wownero can only be mined solo. This means you're going to have to run your own Wownero daemon, which requires the wownerod software.

Setting up your Wownero Daemon

Firstly, download the latest release of Wownero for your operating system of choice. After extracting the release, run wownerod. This daemon will begin synchronizing with the Wownero network. This will take a long time!

Once synchronized, you will get a prompt saying:

You are now synchronized with the network. You may now start wownero-wallet-cli.

Now you can connect to your daemon with a Wownero wallet, like wownero-wallet-cli or Wowlet. However in this case, we'll be connecting to it with mining software such as XMRig.

Mining with XMRig

While wownerod is capable of mining by itself, it's recommended to use dedicated mining software like XMRig to mine with the daemon.

Download the latest release of XMRig for your operating system and extract it.

Pro-tip: You can build XMRig from source and edit the donate.h file to enable 0% dev donation fees.

To mine Wownero, you're going to need two pieces of information:

This information can either be attained from wownero-wallet-cli by running wallet_info for the public address, and viewkey to see the private spendkey, or from the Wowlet GUI wallet by going to Wallet--> Keys.

Once you have your public address and private spendkey, you can start mining with XMRig with the following syntax:

sudo xmrig -a rx/wow -o localhost:34568 -u YOUR_ADDRESS --spend-secret-key SECRET_SPENDKEY --daemon

Congratulations! You're now mining Wownero!

Calculating profitability

By pressing the h key while running XMRig, you can see your current hashrate, alongside averages for the last 10s/60s/15m and a max H/s:

speed 10s/60s/15m 3194.2 3187.3 3104.6 H/s max 3207.0 H/s

Knowing your hashrate and the network difficulty, you can estimate how long it would take for you to find a Wownero block and thus recieve a reward. Simply take your H/s, divide it by the difficulty, and you'll know the odds of finding a block per second.

You can find the difficulty on a block explorer, like this one.

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