A Cryptocurrency on the Bleeding Edge

It's no secret that the modern cryptocurrency space is becoming increasingly corporate, stagnant and non-private.

Most digital decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum do nothing to address the increasing privacy concerns that their usage brings: The ability to track any and all transations on their networks.

This issue is thankfully resolved through the use of private cryptocurrencies based off the CryptoNote protocol, namely Monero. However, these projects have other issues... Namely, these large and established cryptocurrencies suffer from slow and stagnant development, and rarely dare to try new and innovative functions.

This is where Wownero comes in; It's a fork of Monero, but with a much more active and experimental development.

Wownero is a cryptocurrency that has:

But most importantly, in their own words...

It doesn't depend on billionaire shills or lame ass "influencers."

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